A heartfelt message from Maria's sons:

Growing up we always knew our mom had really important jobs, but she ALWAYS told us the most important job she had was being our mom.

So, like the words she remembers from her dad telling her “Never forget where you came from”, we will never forget our mom’s words to us. The truth is, they were so much more than words.

Our mom shows us we come first each and every day. She never missed a birthday, sporting event, or school function. She made our lunches and drove us to school. She stayed home with us when we were sick. She visited colleges with us, cleaned and decorated our dorm rooms, and hosted our classmates who lived far away during the holidays.

She always supported us in our career choices, even though as a single mom she knew they would take us far away. A chef in Italy and a Peace Corps volunteer in a small village in Africa didn’t scare our mom away! She was excited to volunteer in that same small village until the pandemic hit and we were both sent back to the United States. As always, our mom was waiting for us with a kitchen full of our favorite foods and her loving, open arms.

We watched with amazement as our mom traveled the state, when she ran for judge of the Superior Court. During that time, she continued to move us in and out of dorm rooms, move from our home to an apartment to help care for our grandmom with cancer, all the while never missing a beat.

We are now watching her with pride, doing it all again in her run for the  Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Anyone can google our mom to see all she’s achieved, but we wanted to give you a glimpse of what we know will always be her most important role… being our mom.

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